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BODY SCAN Can’t sleep? TRY THIS 10 minute soothing body scan meditation.

SELF-COMPASSION If you’re feeling difficult emotions like anger, sadness, heartbreak or unworthiness TRY THIS guided 10 minute heart healing meditation called the RAIN of self-compassion to help transform the suffering.

GRATITUDE Feeling grumpy? A bit fed up? TRY THIS 10 Minute Gratitude Meditation to shift your mood from ‘Grumpy To Grateful’ HERE

mindset meditation

MINDSET Whatever goals you are working towards (career, relationships, family, travel) this 10 minute MINDSET meditation will help you focus on that path and let go of the resistance that holds you back.

GRIEF The heartache from grief and loss can feel so overwhelming but THIS MEDITATION is designed to help ease and care for these difficult emotions.

MANIFESTING from the heart. Try this 10 minute powerful manifesting meditation to set your intention and create your wildest dreams.

THE FERTILITY BOOSTER. A 15 minute calming meditation is designed to release negative thoughts and blocks and call in creative, nourishing energy. This can be used repeatedly at any time of your cycle or pregnancy.