An intention is a wish for something that you hope will manifest. For example, it could be something you want to have, or something you want to become. Your intention can be as bold as a new career, financial wealth, or a loving relationship. However, it can be as small as having a new handbag or a bouquet of flowers.

Remember the intention you SET is what you’re going to GET SO it’s important to follow these steps…

1) Be CLEAR about what you want. Find one word or statement that feels right for you and stick with it.

2) Frame it positively and in the present tense. Instead of ‘I hate being broke’ (which comes from a place of lack and fear) you can try saying something more believable and fun for example ‘There are many ways I can receive more money.’ Notice how you feel more excited and open about the possibilities in this new positive statement.  Don’t wait for the money to arrive to feel abundant, you have to feel abundant now by the idea of your wealth.  

3) Make it BIG but believable – If you want to get fit and healthy but have never stepped foot inside a gym, your first affirmation should not be, “I am healthy and strong.” The reason is because your subconscious is smart enough to realize that it’s not the truth. Instead, try to find a more realistic affirmation, such as, “There are many ways I can get fit,” or, “I’m willing to care for my body.” These types of statements will encourage you to be curious about finding ways to become healthy and strong.

The ONE KEY INGREDIENT to make it come to life  IS TO STEP INTO FEELING of what it may be like NOW. Ask yourself…what would it feel like to experience this right now? What would abundance feel like in this moment? Can I embody this energy? Can I be open to how and when it will happen instead of stressing about the timing? 

The law of attraction says ‘You don’t attract what you want in life you attract WHO YOU ARE’. So pay close attention to the energy you feel.

OR As Dr Wayne Dyer said, “Our intention creates our reality.” 

In this guided meditation I will walk you through the steps and help you set your intention now! If you already have your intention ready and excited to get going the meditation starts at 2 mins 30s.

I hope this manifesting meditation was fun for you. Let me know in the comments below!

What to do next?


Stating your intention in one meditation isn’t enough it’s just the beginning. Just imagine the lifetime of conditioning beliefs that you have had up until this point. Rewiring your brain takes repetitive effort. An easy action you can take is to write it down and place it somewhere you can see it daily. Additionally, you can download this audio-only version you can use every day.


Lastly, don’t forget to be patient. This can be the hardest part, especially when you are first starting out. Trying to control the WHEN AND HOW will result in fearful energy. However, if you remain open to the experience without any expectations, then you will no longer be tied to your fear. Instead, you can allow yourself to be free and enjoy the process.