“Simone facilitated weekly group and private meditation sessions for my team and colleagues at NBC-Universal.  She introduced mindfulness, the numerous benefits and guided us through new meditation sessions each week.  I highly recommend Simone to anyone interested in bringing mindfulness into the workplace, she is experienced, compassionate and received excellent reviews from all involved!”  Toby Gorman, President of NBC Universal Television Alternative Studio.

There’s nothing I love more than sitting down in my favourite arm chair at home at the end of stressful day and listen to Simone’s soft, calming & gentle voice during a virtual guided meditation. It’s a common misconception that meditation needs to be practiced in a dark, quiet meditation studio. Simone’s Zoom meditation sessions can be carried out anywhere and any time and her experience & expertise help incorporate the sounds and feelings around you to enhance your meditation process. It’s also a really fun and special way to bring friends together when we’re all in isolation.”  Marnie Sirota, Senior Vice President Operations & Finance, Znak&Co


“I booked the lovely Simone to offer weekly mindset tools and guided meditation for our team on ‘The Late Late Show’.  She’s professional, calm and approachable and makes it easy to understand, even if you’ve never done it before. I cannot recommend her sessions in mindfulness highly enough. Her experience and insights are a much needed and highly valuable asset for any team, company or individual.”  James Longman Co-Executive Producer, The Late Late Show With James Corden, CBS

“I absolutely love Simone’s meditation classes. Her soothing voice and thoughtful words have completely changed my view on meditation being difficult. I actually look forward to it now. Her classes have been a godsend because I know how important it is for my health and happiness. Simone has been a light for me in times when I have really needed a source of strength and guidance.  I just adore her and her work.”  January Olds, CEO and Founder of January Labs skincare

“I thought a virtual group meditation (via Zoom) would not have the same impact as her in person classes but Simone guides you through brilliantly and I leave the session feeling incredible. Taking the session at home means it becomes more intimate and allows you time to absorb much more afterwards instead of having to leave and drive home. I highly recommend Simone’s in person and Zoom meditations”. Billy Halpin, Supervising Producer 

“Simone is an incredibly uplifting, lighthearted and caring meditation guide who will inspire you to make mindfulness and spiritual seeking a daily part of your life. She embodies an accessible wisdom and a sincere warmth that convey the depth of her own practice. Simone’s teaching is accessible for meditators of all levels of experience, but she is especially practiced in sharing the foundational tools to help make meditation a part of your daily life.”  Hilary Jackendoff,  Senior Meditation Teacher & Teacher Trainer at The Den meditation studio

“Simone makes meditation accessible for beginners. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and has a profound respect for the practice. I love taking class with her because she brings a sense of relaxation and peace to my busy week.”  Anna Halberg, Producer  

I sought Simone’s help when I was having serious health issues and experiencing uncertainty with my diagnosis. My goal with guided meditation was to relax and be able to sleep better during this difficult time. Simone exceeded those expectations! She helped ease my anxieties and provided me with a guided meditation that brought great comfort, better connection with my body, and above all relaxation that helped me get much needed sleep. I worked with her several times and benefited from the meditation so much, that I gifted her services to a friend who is in her final days of pregnancy to help her prepare for her baby’s birth. I would highly recommend her services to anyone seeking relaxation!” Andrea Kerr, Graphic Designer.

“Simone is a beautiful blend of welcoming & insightful. Her practice has transformed the lives of so many, and as someone who used to manage the studio she works from (The DEN Meditation, Los Angeles based, world-known) – I can attest to this from the point of a fellow spirit and also as someone who watched her attendance numbers steadily grow. Her meditation practice is one that has the power to calm, clear, and improve the perspective of all she works with. I cannot say enough about her beautiful work on this Earth, other than you need to sit with her yourself to truly understand her power.”  Meghan Rose Intuitive Tarot Card Reader & Spiritual Advisor.

“I absolutely love meditating with Simone, she provides just the right amount of instruction to guide you through a great experience. I always leave feeling so refreshed and with a sense of peace, love and inner calm.”  Ashley Burns  


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